Programme: Berlin – 59th Pugwash Conference

 The 59th Pugwash Conference
European Contributions to Nuclear Disarmament & Conflict Resolution
1-4 July 2011, Berlin, Germany

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The conference program with links to selected talks is below.

Working Group Reports:
Working Group 1. Nuclear Disarmament, Nonproliferation (after the 2010 NPT Review Conference)
Working Group 2. Prospects for Peace and Security in the Middle East
Working Group  3. Regional Stability in Central and South Asia: the situation in Afghanistan, and Indo-Pakistani relations
Working Group 4. European Security and Disarmament (nuclear and conventional arms control and disarmament)
Working Group 5. Social Responsibility of Scientists
Working Group 6. Climate Change, Resources, and Conflict Prevention

International Student/Young Pugwash Report

on European Security and Nuclear Disarmament
Co-sponsored by European Leadership Network and Pugwash Conferences

9:30 – 9:40 Symposium Opening

Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino, Pugwash Secretary General
Lord (Desmond) Browne of Ladyton, European Leadership Network

9:40-9:50 Keynote Address
German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Guido Westerwelle, Foreign Minister, Germany


09:50-10:20 Addresses
Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala, Pugwash President
bartoschcropped_GNProf. Ulrich Bartosch, VDW President
simonscropped_GNDr. Jennifer Simons, President, The Simons Foundation


10:40 – 12.45 PLENARY SESSION: Europe and Nuclear Weapons: what progress in nuclear disarmament?

Chair: Amb. Peter Gottwald, Commissioner of the Federal Government for Arms Control and Disarmament
Opening Statement:
Prof. Egon Bahr, former Federal Minister for Special Affairs, Germany
Lord (Desmond) Browne of Ladyton, former UK Defence Secretary
ischingercropped_GNAmb. Wolfgang Ischinger, former Deputy Foreign Minister, Germany
Hon. Giorgio La Malfa MP, former Italian Minister of European Affairs
Trubnikov_gottwald_cropped_GNAmb. Vyacheslav Trubnikov, former ambassador, former Director of Foreign Intelligence Service, Russia

14.45– 16.30 PLENARY SESSION: Europe, NATO and Russia: the search for cooperative security
Chair: Prof. Götz Neuneck, Pugwash Executive Committee, IFSH
Amb. Tacan Ildem, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Turkey to the OSCE, former Director General, International Security Affairs, MFA
Norlaincropped_GNGen. (ret) Bernard Norlain, Former Air Defense Commander and Air Combat Commander, former military adviser to the President
Dr. Sergey Rogov, Director of the Institute of USA and Canadian Studies
Zapfcropped_GNUta Zapf MdB, Chairwoman of the Sub-Committee on Disarmament, Arms Control, and Nonproliferation, German Bundestag

17.00 – 18.30 PLENARY SESSION: Further Steps on US-Russian Nuclear Disarmament: a joint discussion

Chair: Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, Russia
Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher, USA

18:30-18:40 Symposium Closing
Lord (Desmond) Browne and Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino

59th Pugwash Conference on Science & World Affairs
European Contributions to Nuclear Disarmament & Conflict Resolution

Saturday 2 July

09:00-10:15 PLENARY SESSION: Iranian Nuclear Policy
Chair: Dr. Peter Jones, University of Ottawa, Pugwash Council
Amb. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Permanent Representative of Iran to the IAEA
Amb. Alireza Sheikh Attar, Iranian Ambassador to Germany
Prof. Steven E. Miller, Chair Pugwash Executive Committee, Harvard University Belfer Center

PCR_Cropped_GN10:15-11:15 PLENARY SESSION: Report of the Secretary General
Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino

11.45-12.15 PLENARY SESSION: What Progress on the CTBT?
Chair: Amb. Sergey Batsanov, Pugwash Council
Rose Gottemoeller, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, USA

12.15-13.15 PLENARY SESSION: What Future for Palestine? How Can Europe Help?
Chair: Amb. Rolf Ekeus, Chair, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Prof. Avishay Braverman MK, former Israeli Minister for Minorities
Dr. Husam S. Zomlot, Deputy Commissioner for International Relations, Palestine

13:15-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:45 Working Groups meet in parallel sessions

15:45-16:15 Coffee break

16:15-17:45 Working Groups meet in parallel sessions

18:00-19:45 PLENARY SESSION: Eliminating WMD in the Middle East
Chair: Amb. Sergio Duarte, UN High Representative for Disarmament
Amb. Wael Al-Assad, Director, Disarmament & Multilateral Relations Department, League of Arab States
Amb. Jeremy Issacharoff, Deputy Director General Strategic Affairs, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
H.E. Khalid Shamaa, Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Egypt

20:30-22:00 SPECIAL DINNER: Dialogue on the Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations
Introductions: Mr Martin Butcher, Policy Advisor, Conventional Arms, Oxfam
ATTDuncanAmb. John Duncan, UK Ambassador for Multilateral Arms Control & Disarmament, Geneva
ATT_schultzJagowMr Thomas Schultz-Jagow, Global Director of Communications, Oxfam

Sunday 3 July

09:00-11:00 PLENARY SESSION: Prospects for Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan
H.E. M. Stanekzai, Mr. M. Kobler, Mullah A.S. Zaeef, Amb. W. Taylor, Amb. M. Steiner
Chair: Mr Martin Kobler, Deputy UN Special Representative (Political) for Afghanistan
H.E. Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, Minister Advisor to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, CEO and Head of the Joint Secretariat of the High Peace Council
Amb. William Taylor, Vice President, Center for Post-Conflict Peace and Stability Operations, USIP and former US ambassador in Kabul
Amb. Michael Steiner, German Federal Government Special  Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, former ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan

11:00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13:00 PLENARY SESSION: Improving Relations Between India and Pakistan
Hon. S.A. Pasha MP, Prof. A. Mattoo, Lt.Gen. (ret) T. Masood, Hon. Sherry Rehman MP, Hon. S. Soz MP; Hon. A. Iqbal Chaudhry MP
Co-chairs: Lt Gen (ret) Talat Masood & Prof. Amitabh Mattoo (Co-Chairs, Pugwash India-Pakistan Independent Commission)
Hon. Ahsan Iqbal Chaudhry, Member of Parliament (MP), MNA, PML-N, Pakistan
Hon. Syed Azeez Pasha MP (Rajya Sabha), India. Communist Party of India
Hon. Sherry Rehman MP, former Information Minister, Pakistan
Prof. Saifuddin Soz MP (Rajya Sabha), Indian National Congress

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:30 Working Groups meet in parallel sessions

16:30-17:00 Coffee break

17:00-19:00 Working Groups meet in parallel sessions

20.00-midnight Boat tour and dinner

Monday 4 July

09:00-11:30 Working Groups meet in parallel sessions

11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

12:00-13:15 PLENARY SESSION: DOROTHY HODGKIN LECTURE: “The Fukushima Nuclear Accident: lessons learned (so far), and possible implications”
Chair: Prof. Saideh Lotfian, Chair, Pugwash Council
Dr. Tatsujiro Suzuki, Vice Chairman, Japan Atomic Energy Commission
Dr. Victor Gilinsky, former Commissioner of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

13:15-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:15 PLENARY SESSION: Presidential Address
Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala, Pugwash President
Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala, Pugwash President and former UN Under-Secretary General

15:15-15:45 Coffee Break

15:45-18:15 PLENARY SESSION: Problems and Opportunities in the Changing Middle East
Dr. A.M. Said Aly, H.E. N. Shaath, Prof. Cotta-Ramusino, H.E. H. al-Shahristani
Chair: Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino, Pugwash Secretary General
H.E. Hussain al-Shahristani, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Iraq
H.E. Nabil Shaath, Commissioner for International Relations,  Palestine
Dr. Abdel Monem Said Aly, Al-Ahram Foundation, Egypt