Pugwash International Conferences

Since the first international conference in 1957, Pugwash has organized regular major international conferences of plenaries and separate working groups. Most recently, these conferences comprise up to 300 individuals gathered together to work on a range of issues.

Full list of Pugwash International Conferences 1957-2013 (fully searchable)

News on International Conferences (archive of recent posts)

Below are links to individual conferences which provide further information on the program, texts of speeches, statements, photos, and other documents.

63rd Pugwash Conference, 1-5 March 2020, Doha

62nd Pugwash Conference, 25-29 August 2017, Astana

61st Pugwash Conference, 1-5 November 2015, Nagasaki

60th Pugwash Conference, 1-4 November 2013, Istanbul

59th Pugwash Conference, 1-4 July 2011, Berlin

58th Pugwash Conference, 17-20 April 2009, The Hague

57th Pugwash Conference, 21-26 October 2007, Bari

56th Pugwash Conference , 11-15 November 2006, Cairo

55th Pugwash Conference, 22-27 July 2005, Hiroshima

54th Pugwash Conference, 4-9 October 2004, Seoul

53rd Pugwash Conference, 17-21 July 2003, Halifax and Pugwash

52nd Pugwash Conference, 10-14 August 2002, San Diego

51st Pugwash Conference, 12-16 March, 2002, Agra

50th Pugwash Conference, 3-8 August 2000, Cambridge