St. Petersburg workshop on the Future of the Nuclear Weapons Complexes of Russia and the USA

On 1-3 July 2004 Pugwash held the 7th Pugwash Workshop on the Future of the Nuclear Weapons Complexes of Russia and the USA, Security of the Russian Nuclear Complex: International Assistance in Liquidation of Excess Fissile Materials, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Preliminary Agenda and Schedule

Wednesday 30 June 2004

Pre-conference visit to the “Rubin” Submarine Design Complex and discussion of status of submarine elimination and nuclear fuel reprocessing

Thursday 1 July 2004

09.30-13.30, Conference Opening /Welcoming Remarks / SESSION 1:

1.1   Status of “10+10 over 10” international assistance program by mid-2004

1.2    Difference in priorities perception in Europe, USA and Russia: assessing distribution of efforts and funds between HEU, Pu, CWC and nuclear subs

1.3    Political and administrative aspects of announcing extra quantities of Russian HEU as excessive

15.00-18.00, SESSION 2: Technical studies of HEU reprocessing (including Minatom/NIT study)

Friday 2 July 2004

09.30-13.30, SESSION 3:

3.1     US-Russian HEU-LEU Deal: results of first 10 years and prospects of expediting in its second decade

3.2 Assessing costs of HEU faster elimination

15.00-18.00, SESSION 4 : Four main sites of HEU reprocessing in Russia: situation in “nuclear cities”, economic and social aspects of HEU-LEU reprocessing

Saturday 3 July 2004

09.30-11.00, SESSION 5: Prospects for including faster elimination of HEU in Russia into EU priorities

11.30-13.00, SESSION 6: Elaborating recommendations on political, administrative and technical aspects of faster HEU elimination