Geneva workshop: The BWC Intersessional Process towards the Sixth Review Conference and Beyond

On 8-9 November 2003 the Pugwash Workshop Study Group on the
Implementation of the CBW Conventions held its  20th workshop, the BWC Intersessional Process towards the Sixth Review Conference and Beyond, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Geneva report on CBW

Rapporteur: Scott Spence


Jez Littlewood: 2006 and beyond: preparatory assistance and background activities

C.A. McLeish: Reactions to Self-censorship

M. S. Meselson and J. P. Perry Robinson: Non Lethal’ Weapons and Implementation of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions

Julian Perry Robinson, Matthew Meselson and Graham Pearson: Tribute to David Kelly

Graham S. Pearson: BWC: Outcome of the Meeting of Experts, August 2003

Graham S. Pearson: Preparing for the First Meeting of States Parties: National Implementing Legislation and Security and Oversight of Pathogenic Microorganisms and Toxin

Nicholas A. Sims: Towards the Sixth Review Conference – Consensus, commitment, completion: A proposal for putting the 26 March 2005 anniversary to best use for the BWC