Como workshop on terrorism

On 9-12 October 2003 Pugwash held its 2nd Pugwash Workshop on Terrorism, External and Domestic Consequences of the War on Terrorism, in Como, Italy.

Como report on terrorism

Rapporteur: Alexander Nikitin

Final List of Papers

1.        Goetz Neuneck *Background Document: “Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Near and Middle East—After the Iraq War 2003,” Presentation for the Conference Iraq—Regional Implications, 21 June 2003, Brussels, External Relations Department of the European Commission (DG Relex)
2.        Lazlo Valki *Discussion Paper: “Consequences of 9/11: Emergence of New Norms in International Law?”
3.        Deborah Pearlstein *Background Document: Executive Summary & Recommendations of “Assessing the New Normal: Liberty and Security for the Post-September 11 United States”, September 2003, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
4.        Deborah Pearlstein *Background Document: Introduction of “Assessing the New Normal: Liberty and Security for the Post-September 11 United States”, September 2003, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
5.        Christopher °Chyba *Background document: “Toward Biological Security”, Foreign Affairs, May/June 2002, volume 81, no. 3, pp. 122-136
6.        Maurizio Martellini *Discussion Paper: The War on Global Terror: Can trust grow from a °carnivorous flower”?  The dark side to counter-terrorism after September 11th
7.        Mark Sedra *Discussion Paper:  The First Stop of the War on Terror: An Assessment of Efforts to Reconstruct and Secure Afghanistan. Two Years After the Fall of the Taliban
8.        Francesco Calogero Discussion Paper: The risk of nuclear terrorism
9.        Athem Alsabti Discussion Paper: “The Occupation of Iraq May Generate a New Source of Terrorism and Political Instability”
10.     Peter Croll & Marc von Boemcken Background Document: Conversion is Dead… Long Live Conversion_ The contribution of Conversion to Fighting Terrorism, Wissenschaft und Frieden, April 2003
11.     Alexander Nikitin Discussion Paper: Consequences of Terror/Anti-terror Crises for International Affairs and world Social/Politcal Situation
12.     Tariq Rauf Powerpoint & Presentation on the “IAEA: The Agency’s Plan of Action for Protection Against Nuclear Terrorism”
13.     Deborah Pearlstein Discussion Paper: The Role of the Courts in Protecting Civil Liberties and Human Rights for the Post-9/11 United States
14.     Francesco Calogero Background Document: Nuclear Terrorism: Likely Scenarios, Preventive Actions, paper presented at the Pugwash Annual Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 2003
15.     Haithem Al Shaibani VERBAL: will address consequences of war in Iraq & prospects for reconstruction
16.     Baruch Spiegel VERBAL: 15 minute presentation on terrorism in the region
17.     Steve Miller Oral presentation on US debate over the war against terrorism
18.     Prof. Ariel Merari With wife Dr. Dalia Merari

Suicide terrorism (has exclusive empirical data (or) Can terrorism be deterred?