Dialogue Across Divides

“We have to learn to think in a new way.”

Pugwash seeks a world free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.   We create opportunities for dialogue on the steps needed to achieve that end, focusing on areas where nuclear risks are present.  Moving beyond rhetoric, we foster creative discussions on ways to increase the security of all sides in the affected regions.

“Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.”

Recent activities


IntlPugwashLogo_webStatement and Commentary on the 2015 NPT Review Conference
On 25 May 2015, Pugwash President Jayantha Dhanapala and Secretary General Paolo Cotta-Ramusino issued a statement on the 2015 NPT Review Conference. Pugwash Council Member Sergio Duarte also provided commentary on the RevCon.

NPT discussionNew York meeting on Dialogue in Areas of Nuclear Risk
On 18 May 2015, Pugwash held a meeting in the UN Headquarters, New York City, addressing the importance of facilitating track two dialogue.

NPT RevCon 2015New York report on the NPT RevCon
On 16 May 2015, Pugwash held a workshop in New York City to address prospects for the NPT Review Conference, focusing on disarmament and the Middle East WMD free zone.

IntlPugwashLogo_webDoha meeting on security in Afghanistan
On 2-3 May 2015, Pugwash held a non-official meeting in Doha on Security in Afghanistan. 

Pugwash delegation visits Japan
From 3-7 April 2015, in preparation for the upcoming Pugwash International Conference to be held in Nagasaki in November 2015, a delegation met with senior officials of the Nagasaki Prefecture and Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

IntlPugwashLogo_webStatement on the Iran nuclear talks
On 2 April 2015, Pugwash Secretary General Paolo Cotta-Ramusino issued a statement congratulating the parties on reaching agreement over the Iran nuclear issue.

Ms. Laura E. KennedyVienna meeting on the NPT Review Conference
On 27-28 February 2015, Pugwash convened a workshop to assess the outlook for the upcoming NPT Review Conference.

IntlPugwashLogo_webWill there be a next generation in the fight for nuclear nonproliferation?
On 19 February 2015 an ISYP member published a joint article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists calling for greater youth engagement.

IntlPugwashLogo_webNuclear Weapons Treaty at a Crossroads
On 6 February 2015, Pugwash President Jayantha Dhanapala and Pugwash Council Member Sergio Duarte released a statement on the upcoming NPT Review Conference.

Rome meeting on energy markets
On 12-13 December 2014 Pugwash organized a workshop  to look at what a nuclear deal with Iran will mean for energy markets.

US Pugwash work on US-Cuba IntlPugwashLogo_webrelations and ocean resources cooperation
US Pugwash and the Latin American Working Group organized meetings in the US and in Cuba to promote cooperation over the natural resources of the Gulf Stream and Florida Straits and normalization of relations.

201402_dhanapala_picPugwash President receives international award for Disarmament
On 17 November 2014  Jayantha Dhanapala was the recipient of the 2014 International Achievement Award for Nuclear Disarmament sponsored by Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency.

DSCN2884Ramallah and Jerusalem consultations on the future of Palestine
On 16-17 November Pugwash held a series of meetings and consultations to discuss the future of Palestine and inter-Palestinian relations.

Herzliya workshop on the Middle East
On 14-15 November 2014 Pugwash convened a roundtable discussion of the regional issues in the Middle East, including on Palestine, the ISIS threat, and the Iranian nuclear programme.

Brussels workshop on the Future of Nuclear Weapons in Europe
On 25-26 September 2014 Pugwash convened a workshop to discuss the presence of tactical nuclear weapons in five European countries.


Message to the Pugwash Community from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:

“Established long ago to promote scientific cooperation across the great political divide of the Cold War, Pugwash today continues to perform this great public service across the different divisions that characterize the post-Cold War world….You are uniquely equipped to ensure that developments in science and technology will serve the welfare of people rather than contribute to new forms of military competition.”

Delivered to the 60th Pugwash Conference, 1 November 2013



Nobel Peace Prize 1995


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