Voices of Pugwash

This page hosts a video project featuring short clips of Pugwashites speaking about an issue of importance to them and the Pugwash network.

Hugh Beach: The fallacy of deterrence 

Jayantha Dhanapala: Vision of a world free of nuclear weapons

Taghreed el-Khodary: The need for dialogue on Gaza

Galia Golan: The Israel-Palestine peace process

Richard Guthrie: Lessons from the chemical weapons experiences

Anissa Hassouna: Pugwash and the grassroots level

Happymon Jacob: Pugwash and Jammu-Kashmir

Peter Jones: The role of track 2 diplomacy

Cliff Kupchan: Optimism for a deal with Iran

Götz Neuneck: Coping with emerging technologies

Ali Asghar Soltanieh: The importance of track 2 dialogue

Rim Turkmani: Scientists and civil society in the Syrian conflict

A special thanks to Program Assistant Dom Mauro-Todd and Project Consultant Poul Christiansen for conducting interviews at the 60th Pugwash Conference.  We plan to further expand this project.