Adele Buckley

Adele BuckleyAdele Buckley is a physicist, engineer and environmental scientist. Formerly, V.P. and founding partner of Sciex, developer and manufacturer of mass spectrometry systems with extensive worldwide installations V.P. Technology and Research, Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement; formerly V.P. Solarchem Environmental Systems.

Her wide-ranging work in new environmental technology and science includes commercialization of new technology, verification of performance and international projects in Bangladesh and China.

She leads the Canadian Pugwash Group (CPG) campaign for a nuclear-weapon-free Arctic.  Since 2007, has presented in 6 countries, given frequent lectures;  led international workshop, Ottawa University, October 2012 Policy Imperatives for an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone.  At Thinkers’ Lodge, Pugwash Nova Scotia, was Project Leader for international conference A Secure World without Nuclear Weapons (WWNW). Website Manager for;; and

Consultant, Nuclear Abolition Forum;  member, advisory board, Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention. For CPG’s  Global Issues Project (GIP) – led an  international expert roundtable on Freshwater, one of a series of roundtables on looming crises of sustainability, compounded by climate change.   Active organizer for GIP roundtable – Securing the Peaceful Uses of Space for Future Generations