Report – Istanbul Working Group Reports

60th Pugwash Conference

In addition to taking part in the public plenary sessions, following long-standing Pugwash tradition participants at the 60th Pugwash Conference in Istanbul also met in small working groups.  These working groups, held according to traditional Pugwash/Chatham House rules, provide an opportunity for private, in-depth discussion.


Working Group 1 – Nuclear weapons and their elimination

Working Group 2 – Nuclear Energy and Security

Working Group 3 – Regional Security in the Middle East

Working Group 4 – India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan

Working Group 5 – Turkey and its Neighbors

Working Group 6 – Disarmament, conflict resolution and new weapons technology

Working Group 7 – From CW disarmament in Syria to a Middle East free from CW

International Student/Young Pugwash – report