Islamabad meeting on Jammu Kashmir

On 15-17 September 2013, Pugwash convened a meeting in Islamabad on issues related to Jammu and Kashmir, in cooperation with the Islamabad-based Center for Peace, Development and Reforms. This was the 6th such event in the series of Jammu and Kashmir-specific meetings stretching back to 2004, and part of the broader Pugwash initiative on South Asian security matters.

“There is a need to move beyond stated positions and explore practical, achievable, and implementable solutions, in conformity with the legitimate aspirations of Kashmiri people and which don’t jeopardize the security interest of India and Pakistan.”

Islamabad report on Jammu Kashmir

Islamabad Jammu Kashmir Meeting – Selected Media Reports

Co-Chairs: Paolo Cotta-Ramusino and Talat Masood

Rapporteur: Sandra Ionno Butcher