Tel Aviv workshop on a Middle East WMDFZ

On 20-21 May 2011, Pugwash convened a workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel, on “Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East.” Organized in cooperation with Tel Aviv University’s Center for Iranian Studies and Israeli Pugwash, this 5th annual meeting covered:
1. Developments in the Arab world and the implications for the region and international order;
2. Perceptions of the ‘Arab Spring’ for Israel and perceived consequences for its security;
3. Israeli opinions on Iran and its nuclear program and the ways of addressing these concerns (including possible linkages to Palestine, Syria and the larger Middle East);
4. Broader issues of WMD in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv Report WMDFZ [PDF]

Co-chairs: Paolo Cotta-Ramusino and Aharon Zohar

Rapporteur: Poul-Erik Christiansen