Noordwijk workshop of the Pugwash Study Group on the Implementation of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Convention

On 17-18 March 2007 the Pugwash Study Group on the Implementation of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Convention held its 27th workshop, 10 Years of the OPCW: Taking Stock and Looking Forwards, in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Noordwijk report on CBW

Rapporteur: Katie Smallwood

List of Papers

Discussion papers

  1. Walter Krutzsch:  Law enforcement including domestic riot control: The intent of the CWC negotiators
  2. Walter Krutzsch:  Compliance with the CWC
  3. Jiri Matousek: Status of implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention ten years after Entry into Force, and the way ahead
  4. J P Perry Robinson:  Categories of Challenge now facing the Chemical Weapons Convention
  5. Graham S. Pearson:  The Challenges to the Chemical Weapons Convention (plus PPP)
  6. Jonathan B. Tucker: Strengthening the CWC Regime for Transfers of Dual-Use Chemicals
  7. Jonathan B. Tucker: Historical Research Note: Incapacitating Agents and the East German Ministry for State Security (“Stasi”)
  8. Jan Medema: 10 Years of CWC (1987-2012):  Does it make a difference (plus PPP)
  9. Thomas Stock:   Sea-Dumped Chemical Weapons under the CWC: More Questions Than Answers?
  10. Daniel Feakes and Caitriona McLeish: New actors and the globalization of CBW technologies
  11. Daniel Feakes and Caitriona McLeish: A proposal for a resource guide/ briefing book for the 2008 CWC Review Conference


PowerPoint presentations

  • Paul Walker: An Update on Russian and US Chemical Weapons Destruction.
  • Graham Pearson: Outcome of the BWC Sixth Review Conference.


Background papers

  • Alexander Kelle: The Changing Scientific and Technological Basis of the CBW Proliferation Problem, in Science and Technology Report no. 7, Bradford Dept of Peace Studies, from the workshop on “Preventing the Misuse of 21st Century Chemistry: State of the Art of Drug Development and Delivery, and Selected Enabling Technologies, Belfast, 13-14 January 2006.
  • Ralf Trapp: The First Ten Years, in Ian Kenyon and Daniel Feakes (editors), OPCW: The Creation of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons: A Case Study in the Birth of an International Organisation, The Hague: T.M.C.Asser Press, 2007, pp 261-89.