Beijing workshop on Stability, Security and Cooperation in Northeast Asia

On 12-15 January 2006 Pugwash convened the 4th Pugwash Workshop on East Asian Security, co-sponsored by the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) and the Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM), held in Beijing. 

Beijing report on Stability, Security and Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Rapporteur: Mark B.M. Suh


Verification and Dismantlement Issues in the DPRK Nuclear Programs
Kang Jungmin

Analyzing the North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Patterns and Prospects
Jun Bong Geun

The North Korean Nuclear Issues and the Cooperation among the Great Powers.
Teng Jianqun

Some ideas on how to break the stalemate of North Korean nuclear issues
Kang Chunmei

American Factor in the Regional Security of Northeast Asia
Gu Guoliang

The Security Situation in the Northeast Asia
Wang Yisheng

The Essence of the North Korea Nuclear Crisis and the Approach to the Six-Party Talks
Xv Wenji

North Korean nuclear issue, Armistice and Northeast Asian Security Cooperation
Li Jun

The North Korean Nuclear Issues and Its Economy
Yu Meihua

A Personal Assessment of the DPRK Nuclear Program
Siegfried Hecker

The Future of DPRK’s Nuclear Issue
Shen Dingli

Analyzing the North Korea Nuclear Crisis:Patterns and Prospects
Bong-Geun Jun

International Concerns on Japan’s Plutonium Accumulation
Sun Xiangli

The Korean Nuclear Situation and American and Russian Stratigic Policies in North East Asia
Peter Castenfelt

Japan’s Civil Plutonium Policy: Current Status and Its International Implications
Tatsujiro Suzuki

Verification on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
Liu Gongliang

Security in Northeast Asia with Japan
Liu Jiangyong

Sept. 19 Six-Party Joint Statement: Breakthrough or Much Ado About Nothing?
Ralph Cossa

Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula Should be Preserved

The Militarization of Japan Should be Checked

Nuclear Weapons and Threat Should be Removed in General

The country trend of Japan and the relation between Japan and China.
Ma Junwei

Korean Peninsula Issues: Institution, Development and Security
Shen Dingli

Prospects for Six-Party Talks
Leon V. Sigal