55th Pugwash Conference, Hiroshima

55th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs
“60 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki”
22-27 July 2005, Hiroshima

Hiroshima Conference Photo

Pugwash Council Statement (Arabic) (Farsi)

Hiroshima Declaration of the Pugwash Council

Message to the Conference from Sir Joseph Rotblat

List of participants

Working Group Reports:
Working Group 1: The Legacy of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto
Working Group 2: Non-proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament: Multilateral Initiatives
Working Group 3: Terrorism, Human Rights and International Security
Working Group 4: The Islamic World and Relations with the West
Working Group 5: Regional Security in East Asia
Working Group 6: Sustainable Development and Non-Military Threats to Security


July 23 (Saturday)

09:00-9:45                         OPENING PLENARY SESSION

10:15-12:30                       Visits to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Peace Memorial

Museum  (including group photo)


14:00-15:30                       PLENARY SESSION I

16:00-17;00                       PLENARY SESSION II (Report of Secretary General)

17:15-18:45                       Working Group Session I


After dinner                      Meeting with National Pugwash Groups

July 24 (Sunday)

09:00-10:30                       Working Group Session II

11:00-12:30                       Working Group Session III


14:00-14:30                       PLENARY SESSION III

14:30-16:30                       Panel

17:00-18:30                       Dialogue with Citizens (Open, with translation)

19:00-                                Dinner

After dinner                      Meeting of Council Members and S/Y participants


July 25 (Monday)

09:00-10:30                       Working Group Session IV

11:00-12:30                       Working Group Session V

afternoon                           Excursion (Dinner included)


July 26 (Tuesday)

09:00-11:00                       PLENARY SESSION IV (Open)

11:30-12:30                       PLENARY SESSION V (Open)


14:00-16:00                      PLENARY SESSION VI (Panel, Regional Security in East Asia,                          (Open)

16:30-18:00                       Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture (Open)

19:00                                 Banquet


July 27 (Wednesday)

09:00-11:00                       PLENARY SESSION VII  (Closed): Report from WGs and S/Y

11:30-12:30                       PLENARY SESSION VIII (President Address, Open)

12:30-12:45                       CLOSING SESSION (Open)