Beijing workshop on East Asian Security

On 13-16 April 2004 Pugwash held its 3rd Workshop on East Asian Security in Beijing, China.

Beijing report on East Asian Security

Rapporteur: Mark B.M. Suh

Preliminary Agenda

Topics to be discussed:

I. Building a Multilateral Security Mechanism in East Asia: role of the Six-Party-Talk, of the Asian Regional Forum and others institutions.

II. Normalizing Relations between North Korea and the USA. Analysis of security Interests of the US and North Korea. Prospect of a non-aggression
pledge and of a peace treaty to replace the truce agreement.

III. Lowering the level of conventional forces in North East Asia: lessons from the conventional arms reductions in Europe

IV. Resolving the North Korean Nuclear Issue Peacefully: reassessment of the Geneva Framework Agreement 1994, prospect for a negotiated solution.
Multilateral and cooperative approaches to nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation in North East Asia

V. The new security framework in North East Asia and the development of international economic cooperation (Round table).