Geneva workshop of the Pugwash Study Group on the Implementation of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions

On 9-10 November 2002 the Pugwash Study Group on the  Implementation of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions held its 18th Workshop, The Resumption of the Fifth BWC Review Conference 2002 and Beyond, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Geneva report on CBW

Rapporteur: Fiona Tregonning

Discussion Papers

  1. Is there a danger of radiological warfare?, by Jozef Goldblat
  2. Return to Geneva: Uncertainties and Options, by Graham S. Pearson & Nicholas A. Sims
  3. On the Brink: Biodefense, Biotechnology, and the Future of Weapons Control, by Mark Wheelis and Malcolm Dando
  4. Follow-up after the Fifth Review Conference of the BTWC, by Roger Roffey
  5. Escaping from the Shadow of the Future over the BTWC (An agenda for the future), by Jean Pascal Zanders
  6. Strengthening the BWC : What is a realistic inter-Review Conference strategy ?, by Jez Littlewood
  7. Proposed Guidelines on the Status of Riot Control Agents and other Toxic Chemicals under the Chemical Weapons Convention, by Abram Chayes, Matthew Meselson, and R. Justin Smith
  8. Strategy for Bio-criminalization, by Barry Kellman
  9. Graham Pearson slide presentation


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  2. SIPRI Fact Sheet, November 2001: Biotechnology and the Future of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention
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