Moscow workshop on Impending Challenges to Strategic Stability

On 8-10 July 2002 Pugwash, in collaboration with the Russian Pugwash Group, organized a workshop on Impending Challenges to Strategic Stability: Constraining the Nuclear Threat, held in Moscow.

 strong theme was the potential or present instability in East Asia and particularly South Asia and the Middle East. The US-Russian relationship was discussed in the immediate aftermath of the Moscow Summit in May, where the successor to the SALT-START strategic nuclear weapons treaties was signed, and the termination in June of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty upon the US withdrawal. The fact that the workshop covered but did not dwell on these US-Russian matters (or even the changing political relationship between the two) is evidence that concerns about strategic stability and nuclear weapons are largely focused elsewhere.

Moscow report on Strategic Stability

Rapporteur: John B. Rhinelander