Sigtuna workshop on tactical nuclear weapons

On 24-25 May 2002 Pugwash, in collaboration with the Swedish Pugwash Group, organized a workshop on Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Sigtuna, Sweden. The workshop was hosted by the Swedish Pugwash Group and generously supported by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, and CPAS, Stockholm University.

Sigtuna report on tactical nuclear weapons

Rapporteurs: Gunnar Arbman and Lars Wigg

Participants of the Sigtuna workshop
Participants of the Sigtuna workshop

Working Papers

Gunnar Arbman (Sweden): Security Interests of Non-Nuclear Weapon States and Transparency Measures

Yuri Fedorov (Russisa): Control of Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Some Problems & Prospects

Masako Ikegami-Andersson (Japan/Sweden): Would Tactical Nuclear Weapons Matter across the Taiwan Strait?

Morten Bremer Maerli (Norway): Terrorists and Crude Nuclear Devices

Alexander Nikitin (Russia): USSR/Russian TNW : Dynamics

William Potter (USA): Recent Efforts to Reduce Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Jan Prawitz (Sweden): Arms Control and Tactical Nuclear Weapons : A Note on Maritime Aspects

Ravinder Pal Singh (India): From Arms Control to Conflict Prevention : Asia’s Nuclear Web

Peter Jang-ruey Tzeng (Taiwan): Spears and Shields : Threatening and Defending across the Taiwan Strait

Background Papers

Gunnar Arbman, Goran Danielson, Jan Prawitz, and Lars Wigg (Sweden): Arms Control and Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Francesco Calogero (Italy): Memo on Nuclear Terrorism, presented at the Amaldi Conference; Pontignano, Italy; Saturday, 27 April, 2002

Francesco Calogero (Italy): Nuclear Terrorism, contribution (on behalf of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs) to the Nobel Peace Prize Centennial Symposium: The Conflicts of the 20th Century and the Solutions for the 21st Century, Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica, Oslo; December 6-8, 2001

Michael May (USA): “An Alternative Nuclear Posture” (April 16, 2002), submitted for publication in Foreign Affairs, and distributed in Sigtuna with the author’s permission

Jorma K. Miettinen (Finland): “The Spectre of Mininukes”, paper presented at the 51st Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Agra, India, 12-16 March 2002

Götz Neuneck, Christian Mölling (Germany): The Crisis of Arms Control and Disarmament (Draft, not for citation), presented at the Amaldi Conference, Pontignano (near Siena), Italy, 26 -27 April, 2002

William C. Potter, Nikolai Sokov, Harald Mueller, and Annette Schaper: Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Options for Control, UNIDIR/2000/20

Nicholas Zarimpas (Greece): Tactical nuclear weapons