New Delhi workshop on the abolition of nuclear weapons

On 25-27 March 2001 Pugwash organized a workshop on Moving Towards the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons in New Delhi, India.  It was attended by some 25 participants, including 13 from seven countries outside India. The meeting was hosted by the India Pugwash Group and held at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi.

Given the deteriorating relations among the world’s nuclear powers and recent setbacks to the progress made in the 1990s in nuclear weapons arms control, a central purpose of the workshop was to identify particular issues on which Pugwash could influence policy and public opinion.

New Delhi report on the abolition of nuclear weapons

Rapporteur: Jeffrey Boutwell


Working Papers

  • Towards a Missile Non-proliferation Regime: A suggestion, by Francesco Calogero (Italy)
  • Crisis of Idealism in the Middle East : The nuclear dilemma, by Mohammed Kadry Said (Egypt)
  • Some Pointers towards Thinking about the Paradoxes of the Nuclear Issue at the Beginning of the 21st Century, by Gwyn Prins (UK)
  • Pugwash and the Nuclear Issue, by Joseph Rotblat (UK)
  • Steps to Devalue/Delegitimize Nuclear Weapons, by Manpreet Sethi (India)
  • Eliminating the Causes of War, by M. R. Srinivasan (India)

Background Papers/Documents

The Paths to Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, by Francesco Calogero (Italy) [paper presented at the XIII Amaldi Conference, Rome, Italy, 30 November-2 December 2000]

The Right to Peace and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, by Senator Douglas Roche (Canada), O.C., Chairman, Canadian Pugwash Group [paper prepared by D. Roche for distribution at this workshop]

“Getting to Zero: Is Pursuing a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World Too Difficult? Too Dangerous? Too Distracting?”, by John P. Holdren (USA), Chapter 1, pp. 13-45, in A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Steps -Along the Way, MacMillan 2000.

“The future of nuclear weapons in world affairs”, by Sir Michael Quinlan, The Washington Quarterly, 20 :3, pp. 137-141

“Does deterrence have a future ?”, by Lawrence Freedman, Arms Control Today, October 2000

Taiwan and the case against nuclear weapons, by Steven E. Miller, presented at the Workshop on Security in the Taiwan Straits, New York, November 24, 1997

“Beyond the NPT : The nuclear powers and the maintenance of the nonproliferation regime”, by Steven E. Miller, prepared for the IISS Strategic Survey 2001-2002, March 2001

“Nuclearization of South Asia : Problems and solutions”, a conference report by Steven E. Miller, 20-23 May 1999, Como, Italy

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