Remembering Robert Hinde (1923-2016)

Robert Hinde (1923–2016)

The news of Robert Hinde’s passing away is deeply saddening and an irreparable loss to British Pugwash and to the international Pugwash movement. His outstanding career as a scientist was recognized in his country and elsewhere, and he was appropriately honored for his achievements. As Pugwash we recognize his work as a principled humanist and pacifist, gently but firmly arguing within Pugwash for transparency and the moral integrity of our approach to international affairs.

For me personally, the debt I owe to Robert Hinde is enormous; during the period I was privileged to be Pugwash President, my brief stay at St. John’s College in Cambridge University in 2009 writing an extended paper on the NPT enabled me to get to know him and his wife better. His innate dignity and dedication to his ideals shone through, and I was grateful that on my last visit to the UK earlier this month I was able to talk to him on the telephone.

He will always be a role model for future Pugwashites.

by Jayantha Dhanapala, President of Pugwash Conferences

For more information of Prof. Hinde, see the Cambridge University obituary.

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