London workshop on No First Use of Nuclear Weapons

On 15-17 November 2002 Pugwash organized a workshop, No First Use of Nuclear Weapons, in London with the British Pugwash Group. It included 29 participants from 15 countries. The British Pugwash Group also organized a public session at the Royal Society on 14 November that included panel presentations on No First Use issues from Hugh Beach, Steven Miller and Alexander Nikitin.

London report on No First Use of Nuclear Weapons

Rapporteur: Tom Milne

Working Papers

Kanti Bajpai: No First Use in the India-Pakistan Context

Hugh Beach: Implementation of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons Strategy/Agreements

Jeffrey Boutwell: The US and No First Use: Preemption Trumps Deterrence?

Yuri Federov: Russia’s Doctrine on the Use of Nuclear Weapons

Lawrence Freedman: No First Use

Jozef Goldblat: NPT and the Security of NNWS

Ariel Levite: Preliminary Reflections on No First Use Doctrine for the Middle East

Sverre Lodgaard: Obstacles to No-First-Use

Steven E. Miller: The Utility of Nuclear Weapons and the Strategy of No-First-Use

C. Raja Mohan: No-First-Use and India’s Nuclear Transition

John B. Rhinelander: No First Use — It’s Time is Not Foreseeable Whatever its Form

Mohamed Kadry Said: Security and Defense Dilemmas in the Middle East: The Nuclear Dimension

Pan Zhenqiang: On China’s No First Use of Nuclear Weapons