Beijing workshop on East Asian Security

On 7-9 March 2002 Pugwash held its 2nd workshop on East Asian Security in Beijing, China.

Beijing report on East Asian security

Rapporteur: Mark B.M. Suh


Working Papers

Georgy Kunadze (Russia): Korean Peninsula: What is in prospect?

John Rhinelander (USA): Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defenses and Asia

Clive Williams (Australia): Prospects for Macroterrorism

Futoshi Shibayama (Japan): Japan and Missile Defense: Road to Alliance Missile Defense

Robert A. Scalapino (USA): Peace on the Korean Peninsula–Problems and Prospects

Liu Gongliang (China): Missile Defense and Some Fundamental Theory of International Security

Donald G. Gross (USA): Weapons of Mass Destruction and North Korea

Mitchell B. Reiss (USA): A New US Policy Towards North Korea?

Yang Xianjun (China): The sea-based NMD & Its Impact on East Asia

Young-Hoon Kang (South Korea): (Revised) Peace and Security in the Asia-Pacific and the Issue of Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

Liu Huaqiu (China): Review on the Proposals for a Nuclear -Weapon -Free Zone in Northeast Asia

Li Bin (China): On Nuclear Terrorism

Hajime Izumi (Japan): Japan’s Policy towards North Korea

Jiang Zhengming (China): Nuclear Non-Proliferation in Asia : Issues and Proposals

Werner Meissner (China): (Draft) East Asian Perspectives on International Terrorism – China’s Response to September 11 and Changes in its Geopolitical Situation

Ye Ru’an (China): Beyond the Endgame of the ABM Treaty: An Unfinished Story for Missile Defenses

Chen Jifeng (China): International Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism

Niu Qiang (China): Anti-terrorism and Its Impact on International and Regional Security Situation

Zhai Yucheng (China): Arms Control and Disarmament Process without ABM Treaty

Chun Yong-Taek (South Korea): Tension Reduction and Peace Settlement on the Korean Peninsula

Miao Weicheng (China): China’s Policy on the Korean Peninsula

Alexander Nikitin (Russia): Nuclear Weapons and Asian Security in a Post-ABM Era

Background Document

George R. Rathjens (USA): Ruminations on the Utility of Nuclear Weapons and Missile Defenses